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Holland-America Top of the World cruise July 23 2010

This page contains planning information for this cruise, developed when discussing it on the Cruise Critics forum prior to departure, and links to post cruise reviews, blogs and photo albumbs.   The cruise information is no longer on the HAL web site, though there are some extracts saved here.   The link below gives the 2011 cruise, until it closes, which has a slightly different itinary.
http://www.hollandamerica.com/ 21-DAY Arctic Explorer 2011 (web site)
cruiseforums.cruisecritic.com/ Top of the World "roll call" (2010) you need to be registered.
EN0022.htm Map of cruise
cruise.htm Itinerary
Tilbury.htm What to do in Tilbury?
http://www.svalbard.com/webcam/ Spiztbergen Webcams
http://www.brentjes.com/amsterdam.html Lair Bear's Amsterdam walking tour #1
http://www.brentjes.com/amsterdam2.html Lair Bear's Amsterdam walking tour #2
DiningOption.htm e-mail re Dining Options
Arctic.htm Index to Bird lists
blogs & reviews
www.hollandamericablog.com/ Captain Albert's blog
http://cummingsfamilyadventures.wordpress.com Jack's blog
http://sailingtoscandinavia.blogspot.com/ Dave's (Bra1nchild) blog
http://www.brentjes.com/TOTW.html Jay's (Lair Bear) blog
"live" from the Prinsendam (1) Rev Neal's blog on Cruise Critics
"live" from the Prinsendam (2) AARZ's blog on Cruise Critics
Cruising Through the Top of the World Rev Neal's entry on the HAL blog.
Rocky and Ginny Roland Travel Rocky and Ginny Roland's blog.
Traveling with the Jones Jeff and Janis Jones' blog.
http://sturnidae.com/TOTWA/ My blog (pre-written before we went). Updated with photos and events as far as Day 16
http://www.cruisecritic.com/memberreviews/memberreview.cfm?EntryID=72983 Ros's (Auusietwo) review on Cruise Critics
photo albums
Picasa Carol's photo album for Top of the World.
Picasa Rocky and Ginny Roland's photo albums.
http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=75840&id=1637388928&l=317e687457 Norm's (hartoff2) photo album
http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=75840&id=1637388928&l=317e687457 Ros & John's (Aussietwo) photo album
Webshots Album by PamMH2
all-travel.com 2 photos posted by Admin
2011 roll calls
Cruise Critics thread 21 day Arctic Explorer July 25th
Cruise Critics thread 14 day Kiel Canal Baltic Treasures August 15th
Prinsendam news
Cruise Critics thread Prinsendam suffers storm damage
Cruise Critics thread Prinsenam sails from Tilbury on her next cruise, mostly OK.
AOL news A novel way to embark on the Elegant Explorer.

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