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I am developing my family tree on Wikitree (see panel on right) and as part of that I have a page here on the Westons of Newick.

My brick wall

I used to have a page of useful Genealogy links but I have removed it now.  You can find an equivalent list on Eric Probert's site on this link.  He also gives Genealogy talks and does Genealogy research.

Many family history societies run a gravestone transcription project.  These can be very useful but can be hard to find.  Charles Sales started a project some time ago to photograph and catalogue on the web the Gravestones of UK which date prior to 1901.  This has now spread to cover the world and is no longer limited to prior to 1901.  This is a huge undertaking and depends on support from volunteers.  You can read more about it on this advert which has a link to the website.  You can also get links to possible matches in Ancestry hints.

You can find out about search services for ESSEX records; (baptisms, marriages and burials) here.

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